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CBN members meets every Tuesday morning
in Rosary Hall, from 7:30 to 9:00
SINCE 2012
Since 2012

Speaker for  Nov 19th - Dr. Robert Martinez - Wellness & HealthNov 26 - ThanksGiving Breakfast - TBDDec 13th - CBN Christmas Party - Friday @ 6:00PM...Future Speakers - Call MaryAnn to Schedule *****

CBN Meetings will be at Rosary Hall from May 21 to further notice.
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Everyone is welcome to join us in our meetings.  
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Member Directory

C B N is to be a channel in exhorting, promoting and facilitating financial opportunity, spiritual growth and moral conscience for both
Catholic individuals and organizations serving the workplace. We apply the principles of our faith in the marketplace, promote valuable
networking opportunities among CBN members.
Upcoming Speakers
Rozanne Ritter11/12/19Reliv
Dr. Robert Martinez
11/19/19Wellness and Health
Thanks Giving Party
Thanks Giving
Annual CBN Chrismas Party
Friday @ 6:00 PM

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